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Please – stop thinking you’re going to end up lonely. And btw, hooking up with your current girlfriend so quick after injury probably wasn’t the best idea.


I’m really afraid to be alone and don’t know if I should continue with this relationship or stop now before it goes further.Don’t ever think you need to settle because you’re a paraplegic. As your motorcycle accident proves, life is way too short to waste it any longer on something that’s not making you happy. I love that you’re making sure your restaurant over the top disability friendly though. There’s more details but I didn’t want to bore you, please tell me your thoughts!! You’re in for a long road (I always say the first three years are the hardest when it comes to adjusting), but maybe by then you’ll be walking again.?——————————————————————————————————— Dear Chris, Thanks for writing! Who knows…at being paralyzed for only five months, you still have a lot of time to get movement back. What you are going through right now – dating someone you’re not 100% happy with – is something everybody before you who’s also paralyzed has also gone through.

Let me save you the trouble of having to figure it out on your own: You are just the man as you were before.You did find out right away, which is damn lucky, that it was possible to meet someone despite your paralysis.


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