Dating a crazy woman

The next-hardest part is to get the woman to take the prescribed medications regularly.You’ve met a new girl who seems like she’s too good to be true. Unless you live in a teeny-tiny town, it’s highly unlikely you’ll just “happen” to run into each other. If he looks terrified, it’s likely she’s a stalker. Use a Once you hit a certain age, attending a wedding becomes a litmus test of your girl’s sanity.But as you get to know her a little better, things start getting a bit weird. And when we say crazy, we don’t mean Manic-Pixie-Dream-Girl crazy. We’re talking about the sort of crazy that is going to make everyone else’s life miserable in the process of existing. With emotions, jealousy, and alcohol flowing freely, it will reveal the best in some and the worst in others.But if ordering her the wrong latte causes an epic meltdown, it’s time to run for the hills. You might write it off once or twice, but if it becomes a habit — just go. Do you get calls from a random number in the middle of the night? When you switch your phone back on, you have a roll of increasingly hysterical text messages and phone calls demanding to know where you are.


Psychiatry, in particular, can benefit women in the most extreme of cases – as there are plenty of medications available today that can dampen the peaks and valleys that women put themselves (and you) through.The hardest part is to get the woman to see the psychiatrist.


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