Dating a depressed person

’ or ‘Have you thought about getting professional help? Even if your partner isn’t immediately comfortable answering questions, it will show them that you’re interested and taking their concerns seriously.

Reacting in a calm and supportive way is also important.

“We all have low points from time to time, but a major depression goes beyond a sad mood,” explains psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M. “Other symptoms are eating or sleeping too much or too little, a loss of pleasure in life, feelings of worthlessness, and poor concentration.” Clinical depression is a serious illness, but it’s treatable and doesn’t mean that a potentially great relationship is doomed.

“It is absolutely possible for two people to have a relationship when one of them lives with depression,” says Heather Cobb, spokesperson for the National Mental Health Association (NMHA).

Jamie Divine has not only dated many men who’ve been depressed, but battled the problem himself.

“Before I came out, I felt like there was something wrong with me and that I’d never be happy,” he says.

“Most people who seek treatment do get better.” So let’s say your date tells you that he or she is feeling really down in the dumps or otherwise has the symptoms of depression.

You may not know how to react to this admission at first, but Lieberman suggests being as supportive as possible and asking lots of questions. Ask questions like, ‘How long have you felt this way?

“I learned that some people live for years thinking they’re not worth being loved, even after they come out.” If this issue resonates with you, here’s advice on what to do if your sweetie is grappling with depression.So what is the difference between a partner’s temporary slump and something more serious?


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