Dating a girl with bad breath boyfriend joined online dating site

Eff #thatawkwardmoment when you pucker up and hover in only to get flat-out REJECTED.

Unidentified sources estimate that 90% of the time this happens you’ve probably made a grievous error in judgment and tried to plant a smooch on a party who is simply not picking up what you’re throwing down.

Furthermore, for as awesomely cheap and low-key as the coffee date is, it is also the least likely to end in a kiss. On the flip-side, fruits and vegetables tend to be breath-neutral, and a number of spices (parsley, anything that ends with -mint, fennel, tarragon, coriander, rosemary and cinnamon among them) can actually improve the scent that issues from your talk/suck-hole. You’ll thank me later, as you stroll home from a successful date with the taste of his/her tongue and lips still lingering on your palate.

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But on occasion, you could be scaring off someone who would otherwise be willing to suck your face for an entirely different reason: your breath stinks. Below, you’ll find answers to five of the most frequently asked questions about bad breath.



Plus: Kissing More Important Than Sex, Says Science How Can I Tell if I’m Suffering from Bad Breath?! The truth is that neither gum nor mints will provide more than a temporary fix for your malodorous oral emissions. Gum promotes saliva production, which is one of the body’s greatest built-in defenses against bad breath, so it beats a breath mint in that regard.Self-examinations don’t always yield honest results. You may think that huffing into your hand and sniffing what’s expelled will give you a clear indication of how your breath rates. You might be too accustomed to your own brand to realize its potency. Opt for brands sweetened with xylitol (a sugar substitute), as sucrose is bad for your mouth and promotes bacterial growth. What should I order to diminish the chances that my breath turns sour? Beer, whiskey, wine (foremost reds) and drinks mixed with flavored sodas or juices are the culprits to avoid.


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