Dating a man with erectile dysfunction Camsex extrem

f you’ve turned on a TV since 1998, you know how obsessed we are with hard-ons.

Since the little blue pill appeared more than a dozen years ago, countless imitators of varying legitimacy and effectiveness have hit the market.

Ads for drugs that promise to cure erectile dysfunction run nonstop during sporting events, and the sales of these medications generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

We watch these ads and pop these pills without ever considering that the periodic inability to get an erection could be the best thing that could happen to our sex lives.

Performance anxiety is what’s driving most young men’s Viagra consumption.

And they’ll never get to the root cause of that anxiety unless they overcome the source of that fear: the belief that an erection defines a man’s sexual power.


The first time I couldn’t get an erection, I was in bed with my high school girlfriend.We’d been dating for about three months and had been having sex for two. But no matter what we did, it didn’t work: my penis stayed soft.


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