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My duty will be to treat people and fight against different diseases. What subjects does the first year curriculum include? In July I arranged all my affairs to be admitted to the Institute. Database/SQL Multimedia Internet/Networking Operating System Programming Security/Hacking Science/Engineering Web/HTML/CSS/Ajax Unix/Linux Windows Mac OS X Office Perl/PHP/Python C/C++ . In six years I'll graduate from this Institute and become a doctor. Most of us get scholarships and have all the necessary textbooks which we get from our library. Anatomyis the most important subject in the first year. When did George arrange all his affairs to be admitted to the Institute? What did George hand in to be admitted to the Institute? Our timetable includes six periods of Anatomy weekly. I passed my competitive entrance examinations and was admitted to the Institute. We all take an active part in the Institute social life. Our students who live at the Institute hostel as well as those who live with their parents can always have their dinner at our Institute canteen.

I got a medical certificate, handed in my matriculation certificate and the application for admission to this higher school. I followed my father's advice and began to work hard for my competitive entrance examinations. All of us attend our classesregularly and never miss the lectures.


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