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This caused me to think about relationship conflict in general, what causes it, and how to deal with it.

It’s clear that relationship conflict occurs because expectations aren’t being met.

Read more “The X-Files,” ’90s fashion, a Clinton running for the White House -- everything old is new again.

And that goes for hobbies as well, with activities like coloring books and Rollerblading back in vogue.



MTV2's Guy Code is the ultimate guy's guide to the laws of manhood. Some say guys are born with it, but not everyone follows the same set of guidelines. Guy Code has been discussed on screen in "Old School", "Jersey Shore" and inadvertently analyzed on "Animal Planet" when discussing the customs of male species.But to date, no show has created a playbook for all guys to follow. Need to know about everything from man-scaping to man-crushes, wing men and sexting, the rules of drinking, karaoke etiquette, and more?


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    Researchers scoured the web and examined more than 1,000 jokes before whittling them down to a final 50 on which 36,000 people voted.

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    Whether repairing the kitchen table or planning a romantic evening, the male ego and inner child have a strong need and desire to get it right and succeed.

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    Keep in mind that we withold sex when we’re mad at you, so you might wanna get around to apologizing… Girls bring up old issues during a fight, not to hit you with a low blow, but because we remember it. If you do not own a wife-beater, stop reading this list, and go invest in one…RIGHT NOW. Please just act like like you care, even though you don’t.

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