Dating after divorce young kids


I think that made it less emotionally-charged.” —Harry, 42, Cherry Hill, NJ “When I told my 6- and 8-year-old sons that I was going to begin dating again, I let them know that one day I’d like to remarry, but that the woman would have to be a very special person with certain qualities.

Together, we discussed the kinds of qualities we thought that woman should have.

I’m not sure if it was because of that talk, but they never once expressed hostility toward my dates!

” —Maralynn, 43, Redondo Beach, CA “When I first began dating a woman after my divorce, my son was only 4.

Let their approaches serve as your guide to insuring your kids will respond positively so you can make a smooth return to romance. Basically, you’d kill two birds with one stone—get what you needed for dinner and at the same time meet other singles in your situation.This way, my daughters were eased into seeing me mingling with women while taking part in something they were already used to my doing.


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