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Klinenberg, whose book is subtitled "The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone," explains that rather than fueling isolation and loneliness, many single people these days are crafting highly satisfying lives, creating human connections in ways that married people may not, and building strong communities through those connections.Singles in Connecticut seem to be on board with that, finding ways to meet up, party down, take a hike and have a ball.Sitting home alone with my computer and silent phone, waiting.Then I realized that I had to get out there and make more of an effort.But other sources suggest people are choosing to remain single in droves these days.

When I became more resourceful and less passive in my search, I found all kinds of places to go, people to meet, things to do.

Lesson learned: Single or not, when you’re looking to connect with other people, you can’t just sit back and wait for someone to contact you. census, 28.5 percent of females over age 15 in Connecticut and 34.2 percent of males over 15 have never been married; another 11.4 percent of women and 8.5 percent of men are listed as divorced.

For many, the first step toward getting together is to go online.

Even the least savvy singles know they can look for dates via dating sites such as and e Harmony.


I eagerly accepted the assignment to write this “insider’s guide” to being single in Connecticut.

I figured I’d solicit tips from my friends and colleagues, ask for input via Twitter and Facebook, and my story would practically write itself. For a pathetic moment, I wondered whether that’s in a nutshell what single life is all about.


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