Dating agencies in telford

I have worked in both for over 10 years and not enough is done to raise awareness." Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia Police, John Campion, said: “Safeguarding in Telford and the wider West Mercia remains a top priority.

But no officials or staff members were disciplined following the inquiry, and the council concluded agencies were "working well together" on tackling the issue.Earlier this year, the Home Office revealed Telford had the highest rate of sex crimes against children in the UK, with 15.1 per 10,000 incidents reported in the year to September 2015 — a rise of almost 150 per cent.In 2013, seven men were jailed in the town on charges of rape, sex trafficking and prostitution involving girls as young as 13 as part of "Operation Chalice".Following the report Telford and Wrekin Council West Mercia Police and the Telford and Wrekin Safeguarding Children Board published an open letter to Telford residents.

Yeah right, that's why they completely ignored my report." Samantha Spearing, who works at TCAT College in Telford, raised the issue that there was not enough education surrounding the dangers of child sex exploitation.She wrote: "There is not enough educating in schools and colleges in the dangers around such issues.


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