Dating agency cyrano 08

I was actually worried with his character because he was ill-tempered and easily angered. The moment he said The plot of the story where love is staged or there’s a certain set up for it, is absurd. Their clients are like stage actors, with lines to throw and backdrop to enhance an ambiance.But then I realized his simplicity and that’s actually his persona that Hee Joong liked. All to help win the girl of a mans dream, so to speak. Just that, the way this movie presented it is ridiculous.His determination is vital and that’s why he deserves the girl. When the story dealt with his pain, the love he once had but he let slip away, there’s such a great impact with the emotion he gave.But what I like about her here is she’s so different from her character in You’re Beautiful. Byeong-hoon (Uhm Tae Woong) an actor in every sense of the word. He’s like a child, pure and very innocent with love.She turned herself as a woman here with conviction. And yet when he confessed his true feelings for Hee-joong, it was sincere.Nothing against set up dating or match making of some sort. No wonder at the end, one of their clients’ relationship failed. He showed his own sincerity by telling how he truly feel and shutting down his connections with the agency in two of the most important scene in the movie. Ridiculous, really, but he has this It is my first time to see Daniel Choi.


So I dare you to take atleast two hours of your time to watch it yourself. But before that I have to say, I’m not not familiar with the “Cyrano” theme. I just wished someday she’d evoke more feelings and transcend it better than what she did here.

Min-yeong (Park Shin Hye) is the only girl at Byung-hoon’s agency.


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