Dating albury wodonga

I like to think I care about those less Time to get out there relax & make some new friends.

I am shy at first but once the ice is broken I'm fine!!!

I´m an engineer, a vegan and love my beautiful animals.

I enjoy sport and love getting out and Hello, Thanks for stopping by. I'm currently grabbing my life by the toes and giving it a a good shake.

I am a huge animal lover so I am wanting to meet girls with the same passion (I have a little menagerie) Hello fellow sofa members, I’m here looking for new friends or old friends who I’ve lost contact with over the years.

(Old friends - I’m sure you’ve missed me and relieved you’ve found me again, you’re welcome).

Looking to expand my social circle, always up for making new friends along the way.

Brownie points (preferred Hello, This is my first Pink Sofa experience and I've been happily single for over a year.




I am feminine but have a tomboy nature deep down inside.I'm an English, animal loving vegan - compassionate, honest, passionate, grounded, independent - a tad pedantic, but with a happy disposition.


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