Dating an atmos 528 6 clock 1964


It was an extravagance that I think I railroaded Irene into- but each time it bongs out the hour it makes me happy.I sort of assumed that would be my one and only foray into mechanical clock ownership- that was, until I started exploring e Bay looking for various oddities and knick-knacks to decorate my office.I discovered Atmos clocks entirely by accident after successfully bidding on a 130 year old mantle clock, currently on its way to me from Germany.Atmos is probably one of the most unique clocks currently being manufactured.Unlike nearly every other clock, you never wind an Atmos- in fact, attempting to do so is a great way to destroy one.

It could be argued that this was child-like revenge for my Dad having had a stroke a year or so before- I’m 99% sure, however, that this was really just a manifestation of my perpetual desire to figure out how things work.Thankfully, no one gave me the opportunity to take apart their clocks.My first real mechanical clock was a modern grandfather clock Irene and I bought shortly after we moved to the coast. I purchased it on e Bay a few weeks ago, and it is the first thing I have actually received from my adventures there.

You might reasonably ask “what the heck is an ‘Atmos’, and what’s the big deal?

In 1928, Jean-Léon Reutter created the first Atmos, a clock which literally “runs on air”.


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