Dating an intj partycasino not updating

So if you are dating an INTJ here are few points to help you through.

Highlight your respect for competence One of the most distinctive personality traits of an INTJ is the high value they place on competence.

On the other hand if you have been taking him/her to a ballgame for three evenings in a row or spend the entire weekend doing the rounds of nightclubs in your town, you are unlikely to hear from your INTJ partner again.

Sometimes an INTJ’s intellectual pre-occupations can seem rather arid or you may feel worn down by repeated attempts to prove yourself as intellectually compatible.

Their Intuitive sense enables them to quickly notice patterns in external events and on their basis come up with long range explanatory perspectives.This makes them extremely adept at recognizing and solving tasks with a nimble understanding and utilization of all available resources.The INTJ personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator stands for the keywords Introversion, Intuition, Thinking and Judging.People belonging to this personality group have highly original and independent minds as well as loyal and driven in a relationship.

Brush up your own intellect While it is not necessary that you are able to defeat or at least match your INTJ partner, clause for clause, on the finer points of criminal law or metaphysical discussion, it will certainly help if you can give evidence of an eager intellect.

Engage your INTJ lover in a rousing debate on the pros and cons of Utilitarian philosophy or invite him/her to a game of chess at your place.


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    Talk about any topic that is on your mind or you are interested in.

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