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Being with him has really opened my eyes to how cops are often perceived as stereotypes, not individuals.Megan: I'm a typical "stupid civilian," as cops refer to most civilians. At least that's what a particular cop I dated for more than two years would tell me.There are all kinds of cops, from Dirty Harry to Officer Friendly.


The guy I've been dating for more than a year is someone I never would have picked if I saw him on a dating Web site.

Due to serendipitous events, we ended up having lunch one day, and we really connected -- mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We met for coffee or lunch for a few weeks, and we just went nuts over each other.

He threw a jacket over his uniform, but you could still see it.

I'd catch the unfriendly vibes from some cop-haters.

Then he would cry and become hysterical because I didn't respect him enough to change for him. I considered writing a letter to his chief, but in this particular police department, they protect their own. I wrote, "Dear Ma, if I ever disappear, please look at him first." We haven't been together for more than a year, but I still find myself looking over my shoulder. They're completely impervious to the laws of society, morality and common sense. He's a loving husband, an amazing person and a good cop.


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