Dating an over the road truck driver

You can see the love in the words she types as she speaks of her trucker husband Keith.

Well guess what here's Keith (yes Jennifer's husband to help you out. These experienced ladies can offer you great advice about your relationships or parenting as a truckers wife. Please don't put your last names just the first and state if you want. Julie is yet another extra-ordinary woman who seems to have the right mindset to give great advice to truckers and trucker wives on issues of the homes be it relationships or parenting. She is an extraordinary woman here to help with advice you ladies or truckers may need in the relationship or parenting. Advice For Marriage Ebook Power Of The Mind Become a Loving Truckers Wife Parenting Tips for Truckers Wives Understanding Your Trucker My first Over The Road Trip of This Summer Trucking Family Life Advice To Drivers Julie has 17 years of experience being a trucker's wife. Julie rode with her husband for a year on the road. Reading Julie's story the level of passion and love she has for her husband is unquestionable.(Also remember your spouse will likely visit the site one day.


It isn't easy being the wife or the driver in the trucking industry.

I think that is one thing we all easily understand.


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