Dating bars montreal

Here's where we come in: we'll give you an idea of the best spots to hit up with the latest music, the greatest vibes and the coolest upcoming events.

It wasn't an easy task to pick out the hottest clubs/bars for a weekend out, but we managed to narrow it down to a few faves in the four corners of the city.

For those of you who enjoy more of a lounge feel, Koko will definitely be of your taste. Laurent, the club has a more sophisticated appeal, with low-lighting and a laid-back atmosphere.

Fortunately, the tickets rarely cost more than , which is totally worth it for the Montreal nightlife experience.

he second largest city in Canada, Montreal, is known for its effervescent nightlife.The always- happening city offers a wide array of activities to choose from, making it a common destination for tourists and locals looking to have a good time at the best bars and clubs.So get ready to go out and have a night you most certainly won't remember with the people you'll never forget.Read the water in the Old Port of Montreal, Terrace Bonsecours is the best place to spend a summer night.

The great part about this club is that it's outdoors, which gives you the perfect view of Old Montreal.

Whether you're a house, hip hop or r&b fan, the DJ's there make sure to appeal to everyone's distinct taste in music by spinning all kinds of different beats.


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