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They quickly evoke the long lost era of Model T Fords and all the open car motoring. Black silk chiffon with Black silk satin trim with loads of black passementerie and lace medallions. I know there are those of you who are anti-fur, and this can be quite disturbing to see the entire pelts. Please just gloss over this piece if it offends you. So, this VERY LARGE muff consists of TOUR pelts of silver fox with heads, feet and tails. There is plenty of extra room inside for hands AND other things you might want to carry along. Measures: 34" bust (leaving the button where it is... The condition is very good, though there are extreme minor satin bruises at hemline, one side, and one spot at upper bust (covered when worn). Certainly, the extraordinary cartridge-pleating on this coat qualifies as a "clever dressmaker detail." The placement of this decoration, both to emphasize the width of the sleeve and to suggest a slight flare toward the hem of the garment, reinforces this probability. Probably slightly darker in person than what you see on your screen (all screens are different so not sure that's true in your case). LOVE the huge decorative black buttons on the patch pockets. There is no closure on the front, so you need the belt, OR just add a hook/eye if you prefer, or large snaps. The exclusivity fur-trade rights lasted until 1858, when the monopoly was not renewed , but it remained a large fur-collecting and marketing agency until 1991, with extensive real-estate interests and many department stores. That scarf has a old Kakas Fur label (I know Kakas fur from my years in Boston... The scarf has an old Kakas Fur label (I know Kakas fur from my years in Boston... The lining is total torn up so will need to be replaced. Measures: 46" across bustline, 40" long from shoulder to hem. Wear it longer in the back or shorter in the back... I researched this building and it was completed in 1910 so.... Excellent condition, near mint with just one button with some silk loss. Measures: up to 39" bust, 50" long from shoulder to hem. High collared neckline as was the fashion of the time. The only issue that will need addressing is that due to a bit of drying, there is a row where the fur is coming unattached (second tier of hem). and even under the collar so you can wear it up in Cossack style. Measures: 36-38" bust, up to 32" waist, 58" long from shoulder to hem, 15" across back between armseams, 18" across shoulders. My expert fashion historian dated it to likely Winter 1927 due to the bell-bottomed sleeves (introduced in 1926 - but at the height of fashion in the Autumn/Winter collections of 1927, when couturiers used all their design ingenuity in finding clever dressmaker details, and decorative treatments, to emphasize these flaired, wide-bottomed sleeves. All it needs is a belt or sash tie (as it doesn't come with one, and had one originally - as you can see from the belt loops - but looks equally great without any belt). A group of wealthy English merchants formed the company in 1670 with the King of England granting them a fur trade monopoly to occupy lands extending from Labrador west to the Rocky Mountains. This muff came with a matching small flat ermine scarf that will go up separately. I have shown it with a coat so you can see the nice size as worn. This scarf came with the matching ermine muff above. The tails are all there, though one has lost the black tip. OK, sure you can buy yourself a mink stole, or you can buy what used to only be worn by royalty... Sometimes people will confuse white mink with ermine... Has a group of black tipped ermine tails at the front. If you want to feel like a Royal Princess....(not the cruise liner, but the fairytale kind)... The ribbed cuffs, waistband and collar are matching tri-colored bands. Magnin and Royal Crown Sable labels, you know this is top of the line! It's shown on the size 6 mannequin and fits her beautifully wrapped as you see (you can just add any belt you might like, or just add hooks where you want them. Very similar to the "Imported from France" fabrics used for the Lilli Ann Coats of the same era. Measures: up to 42" bust, up to 38" waist, up to 44" hips, but REMEMBER, this is a wrap coat, so these measurements mean little... This jacket is the high-end black label Giorgio Armani. And as a typical New Yorker, most everything in her wardrobe was black. I know that for a fact because this came to me from the furrier who originally created this coat (who by the way used to create furs wholesale for high-end department stores! He sold it a few years ago to the woman who is now upgrading to the 0K Black Diamond sable coat!!!! I photographed "her", and she is now relaxing at the furrier for professional cold storage (along with a spa treatment of cleaning/glazing). Impeccably made as you can see from the inside photo. Measures: 50" bust, 52" waist, 58" hips, 48" long from shoulder to hem, 72" around hemline, 26" sleeve shoulder to end cuff. Currently in fur storage, but can be shipped anytime, so will arrive to you fresh. If you look about, you will find some Lanvin-Castillo coats for sale, but if you look closely, you will see that those are NOT the originals, they are authorized reproductions. An original Jeanne Lanvin / Antonio del Castillo MUSEUM QUALITY and DESIGN heavy (very heavy! Whether this is original or it was originally silk lined, I'm not absolutely sure. however, the sleeves aren't lined, so it's possible that the sleeves were originally silk lined, or chiffon lined, but no lining in the sleeves remains. but whatever, it's great as the linen lining allows this coat to be worn without much worry (except for catching the lace on something). Nothing wrong, and it helps you stand up straighter! :) And then to make it harder, the interior is so beautiful, that it was hard to believe it wouldn't be seen when worn, so I kept trying to figure out how to wear it with the gold braid and smocking at neckline showing. There is no closure currently at the neckline, so I just added a rhinestone pin (that doesn't come with it). The Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni (now called Armani Collezioni) is a high-end Armani sub-label. and made for those who don't like, or don't need to flaunt their wealth. I still believe that knowledge of history (whether good or bad) is better than ignorance. This one doesn't come with this belt, but I'm a girl who loves to show off a waist, so I show it both ways. Two of the velvet circles look like they have had a bit of repair at the edges (see the close up photos) and one of those is a pindot spot (see photo). I found ads to confirm this: A Woodward & Lothrop Store ad from Oct. Louis Republic Newspaper of Sept 11, 1904 reads: "B. To own a gown or wrap made by one of these masters is a distinction of which even the most prominent leaders of society may feel justly proud.



There are real pockets under the flaps (of course). but if you prefer, you can find a great black belt to wear with it Fully lined. The only thing to even mention is that because this is from the 1970's, it has the 1970's fit... Black silk chiffon is draped from the "nehru" collar and there is a slit for your arms to go through (as you see). This color is slightly washed out looking in the photos so I could try to get the color as close as possible, so it's nicer than what I see on my computer screen (however, all screens are different, so ... The close-up photo of the one button is probably the closest to the real color. Measures: up to 46" bust, up to 47" hips, 22" long from shoulder to hem. Long sleeves of 26" long outside length from shoulder can easily be worn rolled up (looks great that way as well for us shorter gals). My job is to sell antique and vintage fashions without making any political or ethical statements on the history of fashion throughout the years. The label was sewn back on, but I GUARANTEE this is Lilli Ann. First off, from 1896-1900, Perdoux was the 8th President of the prestigious Parisian Chambre Syndicale.

There is a very long 33" slit at the back to ad walking. There is NO monogram on this coat lining, so that's a great bonus!! Wide lapel collar, double-breasted, original buttons, epaulets, tie belt, top stitching, slash pockets, even the lining is detailed with top stitching!! This soutache jacket would have sold for thousands More!! The detailing of the seaming with topstitching is wonderful especially on the back. this is just a bit of the wool nap, but not any holes or anything. I show this coat with a variety of sashes for fun... There is no monogram inside, and my furrier said he'd add your monogram or name for you if you would like (price included) when it comes out of storage. Oh, and ALL fur prices are increasing this coming year as the pelts are selling for record prices, so... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't email me if you are offended by the fur. I've done the research and it's QUITE impressive for this Perdoux label!

The sleeve is long at 25" from shoulder seam to cuff (outsize sleeve measurement), so you if you are shorter, you can cuff up. I don't have to waste my time explaining it as you can see if all from the photos. Measures: 47" bust and waist (I can still wear it at 33" bust, size 6, but it will fit you VERY loose! The sleeves are a bit long for me at 5'2", but there is no good way to measure as they are raglan. The sleeves are lined in great feeling silk satin, but seem to have some batting inside for some warmth. The jacket can be worn with hood up, hood down, hood turned down on one side, or the hood totally down to created a wide lapel effect. Excellent condition, except for what looks like a very small area wear the woman may have worn a pin... A simple Giorgio Armani hooded windbreaker coat sells for $ 3,795 today. Just checking out prices of Alaia jackets or short coats today, this would cost you $ 2000+. Double breasted "v" waist with wide lapels to wear 3 different ways, mutton sleeves and split skirt in what could be called a long peplum shape. Excellent condition with just the slightest moth nips on one sleeve (see photo)... but since I don't know who wants what for what reason... Heck, you might want to wear it with nothing underneath! Really too large on me at size 6, but anything can be redesigned. how savvy you to purchase this coat at less than 1/3 the original price from just a few years ago!

Dark brown in a very soft sheared fur (possibly mink or beaver? I really should get a fur lesson for anything other than the basic furs. And the best part is the original wide brown ribbon and large bow that is original to the muff. The color isn't the ultra dark mahogany, but rather a gorgeous medium brown hue. OR if you are larger size, you just don't wrap this jacket, and it will easily fit a size 12/14. it's the 15" across the back that is more important, 17" across the shoulders and 56" long from shoulder to hem. This jacket is likely a silk black crepe covered all over in the white soutache and what feels to be a thick cashmere lining at the hood and mid jacket. a bit darker than you see in this photo but I wanted you to see the details. I have no idea if they are supposed to look this way, but they have an industrial chic look. Measures: 32-34" bust, 24/25" waist (move the buttons if you need a smidge more). I bought this dyed blue fox stole to go with the Sharon Stone worn 1920's beaded flapper dress I had for sale... This sable coat color isn't the ultra dark mahogany, but rather a gorgeous medium brown hue. Now, that translates to just about any larger sized woman wearing this coat.


Direct from a Greenwich, CT estate of a socialite who traveled around the globe and spent some years living in Paris. Would look awesome with your 1940's coat (I know you probably have one if you a true vintage freak like me! Currently in fur storage, but can be shipped anytime, so will arrive to you fresh. When I say socialite, I mean this is woman who met Queen Elizabeth! Excellent condition with perhaps a bit of wear at the neckline and a spot on the lining (see photo). Castillo designed for the House of Lanvin from 1950-1962. There is a heavy macrame ties hanging down at front, and the original hooks/eyes close the top half of the coat. All depends how you like it and what you wear under. Just seems like perhaps a replacement as it's more like black velvet ribbon that was formed into a collar... This coat swims on me (I'm a size 4 short), but there is no way to measure it other than in length, 50" long, and that it's about 17" across the back... There is a repaired tear inside only where it looks like the coat was badly hung on a hook. Prices on these imported gowns and wraps range from 0. I figure you can either live with the issues, or get creative. It's in a location that is hidden when the sleeve is hanging down at the side. OR you can embellish the coat in that area because it's exactly where you might have a diagonal pocket. Wear slightly more open or with the collar more wrapped at the neck. You don't need to wait for an evening event to wear this coat... directly from a museum collection, with the previous owner's name, Baroness Hubert Von Pantz, attached on a tag.

as my furrier suggested, you could alter to create a purse (if you are so inclined). Direct from a Greenwich, CT estate of a socialite who traveled around the globe and spent some years living in Paris. my camera keeps changing colors for some stupid reason. ) wool coat in a deep tomato red color with black silk lining. There are some very very minor darkening in some areas (see the collar photos), but there is also slightly darker lace insets that are original. Calvin designed for various Seventh Avenue fashion houses for five years before launching his own line of coats in 1968. :) This can be worn by me at size 6, but for comfort, I sized it smaller. You can use anything you have, or just add a hook/eye if you prefer. The only issue to mention (as I'm very picky as you probably already know), it that the velvet neck seems a bit unfinished or something. The line is more expensive than Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Exchange lines, but less expensive than the high-end, ready-to-wear line, Giorgio Armani and the haute couture line, Armani Priv K. We don't have to condone specifics of history, just acknowledge it...often so we don't make the same mistakes! There are no closures, so either add some to wear as an open swing coat, or get your own belt. Other than that, there is nothing wrong on the exterior. 12, 1910 from the Washington Herald reads: "Superb Street and Evening Wraps from Callot Soeurs, Poiret, Gersen, and others". Remember too, these gowns are NOT copies or reproductions, but the original garments, bought from their famous makers by our agent, shipped direct to us, and displayed for the first time in our costume rooms. These are the things that made me want to sell this coat even though it's not perfect. One area is just under the sleeve cuff at the side of the coat (see photos). just to back the area with matching color so you don't see them (now it's white under, so they sadly "pop"). even with these issues, it's still a piece you will LOVE to own!!!! Metallic Braiding and Beaded Boucle Wool Evening Coat!


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