Dating before divorce is final tennessee

If you would like to purchase the new, improved 25th Anniversary Edition of The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice: Forms and Procedures for Lawyers, contact the ABA or, if book sales are not yet working for the publication, contact my office at 901-526-6701 or [email protected]

You will not struggle to remember what advice you gave your client—it is printed in black and white. You can obtain a full copy in print and in Word on a disc by ordering the 25th Anniversary Edition of or by visiting my website at

They are different names for a document that sets out the terms of dissolution of a marriage when there is a death or divorce.

Do not try to use this information as a do-it-yourself divorce guide.

The information it contains may not be appropriate for your particular situation.

Larry Rice is certified as a Family Law Trial Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and certified as a Family Law Specialist by the Tennessee Board of Specialization. Rice has lectured at ten American Bar Association conventions. Any client book on website must be reviewed and altered to fit your practice.

He authored Divorce Practice in Tennessee, The Effective Ethical Lawyer, and The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice: Forms and Procedures for Lawyers 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the soon to be new improved 25th Anniversary edition. Rice's son and senior associate, Nick Rice, is coauthor of the newest edition, which is scheduled for release on July 4, 2012. Rice is the senior member of Rice, Amundsen, and Caperton, P. I am Larry Rice, practicing in Memphis, Tennessee, so unless you are actually practicing here, you need to modify this to provide for your state laws and local practices. Instead of the half-true-folk-myths that most people have about divorce your clients will have accurate information.

This has saved me from more than one complaining client. You will notice several references to appendices that are not included with this article.

As your clients are better informed they will tell their friends and brag about the knowledge they got from their lawyer. This article is already way too long, so we left those out. From : This information is not a substitute for a lawyer.


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