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The salvaged materials go in a dazzling number of directions, from being incorporated into new “old” houses to being transformed into one-of-a-kind furniture and art featured on their warehouse floor and website.

“We are saving America, one house part at a time,” said owner Robert Kulp.

Black Dog About Salvage Dawgs + Black Dog Salvage chronicles the adventures and creativity of Black Dog Architectural Salvage, a prominent architectural salvage showroom and retail shop located in Roanoke, Virginia. design center is filled with architectural antiques and features an in-house wood and metal shop that creates custom designs out of reclaimed materials.

Salvage Dawgs returns to the DIY Network for a 5th Season premiering two exciting new episodes back-to-back Sunday, February 28 at 9 and pm EST.

In the first episode, architectural enthusiasts, fans of Virginia-based Black Dog Salvage Inc.

Back at the Black Dog Salvage showroom and retail shop, Tay Whiteside helps his dad design and build a one-of-a-kind desk for his new office – made from the salvaged wing flap of a Grumman Gulfstream 1 aircraft. “My dad doesn’t build things for himself often, so when he came to me with an idea that would inspire him, I was in for it! chronicles the adventures of Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside, owners of Southwestern Virginia-based Black Dog Salvage.

Each episode leaves audiences laughing, inspired, and amazed as they stay just ahead of the wrecking ball to reclaim a wide range of vintage architectural elements and oddities.

and lovers of historical treasures will travel south to Spartanburg, SC as the team seeks to find reusable treasures in a giant cotton mill dating back to 1902.

The 50,000+ square foot building served as the Drayton Mill for 56 years and will be redeveloped into 650 loft-style apartments in a high demand industrial area of The Sparkle City.

The launch of the new season finds Robert Kulp recovering from knee surgery and unable to join the team on the job site -- leaving the rest of the crew trying to manage the project under the “WWRD” (What Would Robert Do? With carefree Mike Whiteside in charge – fans can rest assured there will be some “near misses” and amusing results from his “do first – think second” approach.

After some comical banter and logistical “challenges” the Dawgs are able to harvest some “industrial bling” from a large boiler room and a spectacular 12-foot fan from the roof of the mill.

“It’s satisfying to know that these architectural treasures will live on and be appreciated across the country.” Throughout the series, Kulp strives to run a tight ship with his eye on the bottom line -- while spirited Whiteside takes a more creative approach, tearing through old homes and buildings – finding treasure in the most unexpected places and making things happen – even under the most challenging circumstances.

Airs on DIY Network Sunday, February 28 at 9pm EST. Get Social: #Salvage Dawgs #DIYNetwork @Black Dog Salvage Join the Dawgs @Black Dog Salvage as they Live Tweet during the show!


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