Dating books for singles

What sets them apart from other books in the category is that they're optimistic.

A recurring message in many of the books is for women to be accountable for their own happiness.

Browse for books to help or motivate you or someone special. Book titles also include self-improvement, how to succeed in the dating world and even how to have better sex.

Many best-sellers by popular relationship advice authors who will help you find love online through personal ads and also the old-fashioned way: at the supermarket!

Now she's not only happily married, but a successful relationship counsellor who is directly responsible for hundreds of marriages.


After 10 years of being a single mother, author Kathryn Alice finally met and married her soulmate. She found her soulmate using all the techniques she outlines in this book.

This book is not just for single women who are looking for Mr.

Keeping the faith in finding a soulmate, or even just a decent date, can be tough.

Here are 9 fantastic book picks for dating, love and relationships.


A great chapter tells you how to make a "soul call", where you speak to your soul mate and tell him that you're ready so that you can start uniting.Numerous success stories scattered throughout the book will uplift you, and her teachings will bring you to that positive state to draw to your soulmate closer.


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