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'[MEAi— V COLLECTION ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 01779 5326 GENEALOGY 974.7 N424NB 1876-1878 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from Allen Country Public Library Genealogy Center THE NEW YORK Genealogical and Biographical -v ECORD. ' PUBLISHED FOR THE SOCIETY, •-Iott Memorial Hall, No. But the fur trade scarcelv escaped the notice of any one, for Hartford and the Connecticut had derived wealth and importance from furs. Hebrew, or Indian, was permitted to be relieved by dramatic as well as held exercises more attractive, he grew weary, it is said, of college confinement. He cut or burnt out from a large tree, with Indian teaching and aid, an Indian canoe — doubtless for exercise on the river. Manners" and habits acquired since he left home, or upon his Indian trail — rather than his vacant purse — may have made such a certificate appear prudent or necessary. When at Gibraltar he was impressed in the British service (some say enlisted), but presently released upon the demand of the shipmaster, to whom he was bound for 1876.] A Biographical Sketch. Arriving in England, substantially without funds or credit, and probably in a plain sailor's dress, he had to make his way on foot to London. Hospitality, even to a "stranger, was deemed honorable.

65, 135, 169; of Society of Friends of the City of New York and vicinity, 39, £5. He was badly exposed to impress- ments at Southold.

Genealogies — Ledyard, 10; Stille-Woertendyk-Somerendyk, 49; Yan Sehaick, 53; Siecken-Dey-Dye, 57; Brevoor,., 5S ; Grevenraet, 60; De Riemer, 61; Zyperius, 64; Delafield-Hallett, 91; Wouterozen-Breestede, 1 17 ; Van Alcmaer, 117; Sant- voort, 118; Eckerson, 119; Sammans, 121; Stridles. 122; Tymens-Yan der Yeeri, 123'; Leisler, 145 ; Monfoort Family, 152. Inscriptions from Parish Church-yard at Jamaica, L. Records of Reformed Dutch Church in New York, 19, 27, 69, 77, 125, 161 ; of First Pies- byterian Church of the City of New York, 35. He was sent, 'or the grandfather at Hartford sent for him, and he must go. Guy Carlton Ledyard, Son of Eben r & Eliz h Ledyard, Died July 17 th , 1 795, Aged 6 Years & 13 Days. Youngs Ledyard, who was mortally wounded making heroic exertions for the Defence oi Fort Griswold, Sep.


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