Dating buzz scam

It all started when Dilworth police Chief Ty Sharpe noticed something odd at the Dilworth Post Office. He then contacted the sender, 55 year old Barbara Mulari, and confiscated the packages, which contain mostly toiletries, with a few electronics.

"So it's about 0 worth of a box, but you're mailing it and it's costing 0 to mail it," Sharpe says.

We were the one that broke it to them." The victims are spread out in at least four states and Canada.

But police are still confused by one part of the scam.

I can't get home for Christmas because I don't have enough money.

If you send me some money, I might be able to come home'".

They then correspond with the females." Sharpe says these scammers pretend they're in the military and play to the emotions of women online, asking for money and other items.

He explains, "I'm assuming it goes along the lines of 'Hey I'm in the military.



Sharpe explains, "She then gives the profile name and the login information to these people overseas."We don't know the whole story," Sharpe admits, "and we definitely don't understand her role in it." Scams like this usually don't have a middle person.


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