Dating chase


This is the first quality that attracts a man to a woman. Playing games, though, is inauthentic and should never be the approach a woman adopts when it comes to matters of the heart.You had one before you met him, so stopping your painting class, volunteer work, or weekly girls night out to always be available to him sends a message that he’s your life. Initiating phone calls or texts is the hunter’s role, and if you are sending a cute or flirty text first, you are taking away his incentive to chase. Depending on how you define 'the chase', yes I do enjoy the chase.I'll disagree with my co-quorans and say that romance is a game; as is just about everything in life, from going on a walk in the woods by yourself to negotiating a salary at a new employer.Male traits like directing and taking the lead are what gets recognized and rewarded in the business setting, but it can be challenging for a lot of successful women to flip the switch and slip back into their femininity.It seems strange to consider that even in the 21st century what one might regard as old-fashioned in how a man pursues a woman in dating.


This in itself does not trivialize romance and relationships.

That’s a lot of responsibility for someone you’re just getting to know. By being the gracious receiver of a man’s gifts, you are actually giving to a man and creating the space he needs to chase you.

When you give more to a man, he gives less and loses his impetus to pursue. This may be the hardest of all for the woman who has achieved a level of success in the workplace.

Being that men are results-oriented, whether it be at work or in love, they need to feel like they’ve earned the woman for whom they’re with.

Relax, enjoy the journey of his pursuit, and trust that the relationship will unfold as it is suppose to naturally.It's what you believe the winning state is that determines whether you are trivializing or elevating the relationship.


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