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So yes I put a lot of thought into buying presents. etc My friends all have Amazon wish lists so that really helps. Surely the point of the Festive Season is goodwill to all men, its a season of giving and thanks for family and friends to gather and celebrate.

I think when ppl just buy vouchers its not as if they put any thought into it unless someone specifically asks for vouchers then I dont buy them. In the past when it comes to someone special I've normally been told in quite specific terms what they want *g* but I usually try and do the goofy home made gift too - although I once spent nearly 12months making a particular gift only to decide shortly before it was completed that I didn't actually want to be with them after all - d'oh I love to buy things for people that i know they will really like so it usually takes me ages to decide on things... The gift is important, but the thought that went into it is more touching.

Tho with hindsight, a home brewing kit for my then 14 year old son probably wasn't a good idea.i was wondering what to get my step dad for xmas, so far theres smellys and a dairy and a woolley jumper (gets one every year lol) , i got him a digital camera for his b`day a couple of months ago, i would like to get him something nice , i am at a lose here Any suggestion please? I try and get something they like really, but am lucky because the whole family like photography so if Im stuck a nice picture in a frame or a collage would go down a treat! My older niece and nephew i will give money and my younger sis and her hubby i usually get a big tin of quality street or something as they have 4 grown up children and it all gets very costly trying to buy for everyone. We have made a family decision for next year to spend no more than £5 per person so thats going to be challenging!

It's not always the presents that cost the most that are remember the most my mum and dad once bought me a present when I was young but the thing that kept me amused the longest that christmas was the box it came in. I wish i could just get it all done in a day, but i worry that the gift is appropriate or not.

I start thinking about next christmas straight after the last one! I really don't understand people that buy everyone the same, or give out gift tokens.



Mind you some people are easier to buy for than others!!!^^^^^ what are you like camp xxim that poor this yr everyone will be getting an orange and a piece of coal (that i pinched from next door)but im sure we will still have loads of fun and mines a diamond ring if we are playing secret santa on here in december Well I'm glad I provoked some thought on the subject I'm easy just buy me lots of chocolate and I'm happy. I think you'll find when men say "I dunno" what they really mean is "I dunno..I can tell you without you hitting the roof or accusing me of just being a big kid"Mind you, once science manages to work out how to clone Kiera Knightley and Scarlett Johanson I'm sure it'll be much easier to buy gifts for men I know that i put too much time and effort into the presents that i buy people.


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