Dating counselling vancouver

We will also pursue practical strategies for maintaining your gains and things to do to get “back on the horse” when you slip.Acceptance, kindness and collaboration are key features in my counselling style. I also provide counselling for family members and friends who are affected by someone else’s use. Whether you want to cut back or are seeking total abstinence, I will support you. I welcome clients with varying addictions issues to my downtown Vancouver counselling and psychotherapy office including those struggling with: I see individuals and some couples affected by one or more of the above issues.Together we will come up with a plan detailing your goals and ways of getting there. Addictions can crowd out everything else that was once important to you.Counselling can help you reclaim things you have lost or identify and pursue new avenues.




You care deeply about your loved one with an addictions issue but you don’t know how to preserve yourself in the process.

Maybe you’re so worried and panicked about their use and their safety that you can’t concentrate on daily living.


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