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The Armenhoef is a monumental farm on the Oirschotseweg 117 in Best.

There were three small villages: Naastenbest in the west, Wilhelminadorp in the south and Verrenbest where Oranjestraat is located.They grew together, and formed the village with the name Best.But as Best was situated on the state road from Amsterdam to Maastricht, this often created difficulties.Each time the military wanted to quarter troops in Best, they had to request to be stationed in Oirschot, 10 km away, for this to be allowed.

The headquarters of Europe's largest meat processor Vion NV are located in Best, as are Philips Healthcare and the Bata Shoe Organization's "Bata Protective" operations (B2B).The village used to be a part of Oirschot, a nearby town.


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