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Today, ID dog tags continue to be part of a soldier’s uniform.

We at Dog Tags Online can help you create authentic dog tags for a variety of purposes.

Here are some of the possible options and ideas if you’re looking for military tags. If you’re looking for the most realistic looking option, this is it.

Each branch of the military has a unique text format for their dogtags and these are all available below. Your dog tags will be made of durable stainless steel and wrapped with a silicone black silencer.

Instead of the standard black silencer, they may want to opt for the unique blue version.

Air Force servicemen must continue to wear their dog tags while flying, making jumps or while doing any other activities.

Individuals who have an interest in Air Force history may want to choose these types of dog tags.

Our ordering is fast and simple, and we strive to bring top quality, customized dog tags to people looking for a unique gift or way to express their devotion.


Today, the basic universal dog ID tag is the M1967 design.

It uses embossed text, similar to the wording used on credit cards. Army members must wear their identification tags in all exercises, whether in training or in true warfare.

You also get a 24-inch chain so that you can start wearing them immediately.

Your tags include a name, a Social Security number, blood type and your religious preference.

When dog tags were first introduced in 1906, military officials needed a way to help identify soldiers who had fallen in combat.

As the 20th century saw its fair share of war and fighting, military dog tags became the standard.


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