Dating during divorce kids


Dating During the Divorce Process: The divorce process varies from state to state.

You’re waiting out the requisite year of separation to file for divorce, but you’re feeling antsy to move on with your life, to meet someone else, to date. It’s not unusual at this juncture to start wondering whether, and when, it’s okay to date. They may establish a mutually agreeable “ritual” for the types and frequency of outings with the children before finally introducing the “friend” as someone more serious, a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” Boyfriend, Dating, dating while separated, Dating with Children, divorce, Divorce Mediation, Eileen Coen, Eileen Coen J.

Some parents agree that first they will introduce a new partner as a friend and limit interactions with their kids to group settings.


However – all that said – you will not get arrested, fined, or thrown in jail for dating if you’re married – or dating someone who is married whether you are or not.The law is not intended to regulate morality – just money and children’s custody.


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