Dating during legal separation


How can you be working on your marriage with someone else in the picture.If you are separated as in predivorce and you are sure its all over but signing the papers then I personally wouldnt consider it cheating, although some may.I was legally separated for two years before the divorce was finalized. Signing the divorce papers only finalized the legal paperwork - the emotional aspect of our marriage had long since died. I think if you both feel that way and talk about actually doing it, then yes it's cheating.However, just because of the separation is it still cheating if he sees others besides her? He says because we are apart but not divorced it is ok for him to see others and is not cheating.I feel that because we are still legally married it is. As for me, I have not really dated anyone, certainly have not had any sex, but I know I have to move on.


So I guess if I did date while separated I am technically cheating also.

I also feel that cheating is not just a sexual thing, it is the removal of emotional feelings and respect from a marriage.


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