Dating emotionally abusive man who is lil fizz dating 2016

A way to put those years of therapy, which had taught her that the easiest way to heal was to forgive, to the test."Wow, thanks," responded the now-stranger."No problem," she replied. The man who, according to Ani, was a pathological liar and master manipulator; who left her depressed, anxious, and bedridden for months; and whose name she could barely speak since their breakup in 2004.She says that over time — and months of self-help after struggles she had faced to let him go — he had lost the magical edge.A study titled "Psychological Abuse: Implications for Adjustment and Commitment to Leave Violent Partners" found that the more PTSD symptoms a psychologically abused woman exhibits, the less resolve she'll have to leave, or in this case, get over her partner.Symptoms such as anxiety and depression, as seen in Ani's case, can occur.But apparently not his gravitational pull or her need to know why. I was just very curious," Ani says of the encounter."I didn't have expectations, except maybe a hope of getting a better understanding."Most people wouldn't comprehend that seemingly desperate and pathetic hope, especially when it's to understand someone who has hurt another human being so badly.

Ani was no different."There are things that can bond stronger than love, and that's trauma," she says.

Emotionally abused women, though their abuse isn't visible through physical scars, can experience post-breakup symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


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