Dating eric johnson strats

Nitrocellulose is the best finish available to enhance the resonance of the guitar and it will only improve with age.

The body is essentially the Standard Strat shape although I have read that the back and arm contours are deeper than standard for more comfort.

The neck pickup is based on a 54 Strat which gives it a 50s twangy tone, the middle pickup is based on an early 60s with reverse winding to give hum cancellation in the 2nd/4th pickup positions, and the bridge pickup is based on a 50s pickup but with extra windings to make the volume equal to the other pickups.

The tone controls are wired to the neck and bridge pickups.

The fretboard is pretty flat for a Strat [12" radius], with 21 jumbo frets, which allows you to set the action lower and stretch the strings without fretting out.


The neck design is based on Eric's '57 Strat, which gradually transitions from a shallow 'V' shape at the first fret to a wider 'C' shape at the 12th fret.The neck itself is one piece of quarter-sawn maple, so the neck grain matches the body grainthe idea is to get more resonance.The angle of the back of the headstock is different to allow removing the string trees that are normally on strats.This removes one potential binding point from the string path and helps keep the guitar in tune.

The bridge is flush with the body and the tremolo comes stock with 5 springs so that finger bends won't make the other strings (especially open strings) go out of tune.The bridge/tremolo don't have any paint on them so they resonate more.


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