Dating follow up emails

Although you might be as lucky as with a one-night stand, this does not generally work in a sales process.During their exchange, Podesta told Costa that he missed her and if she was ignoring him.At Fileboard we often talk about the sales follow-up process in terms of dating.In real life it’s quite impossible to achieve that immediately. Yet often we see that in sales we try to achieve that immediate result.Just look around to see the amount of sales follow-ups stating “buy now”, “we are the best”, “lets schedule a demo”, “click here”, “we can do miracles for you”, etc.Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, who is married, received an email from a woman who claims she met him at a speed dating event.An email released by Wiki Leaks reveals a woman who goes by “Kim” reached out to Podesta on Sept.At any rate, I was glad to have received your details in the email as you seemed lovely! It is unclear whether Podesta, who is married, actually attended a speed dating event or whether the email was accidentally sent to him.


14, 2012 to follow up after allegedly being introduced to him while speed dating.In the email, Kim nervously writes that she met Podesta during her “first Speed Dating experience” so she is unaware that the “etiquette is” in responding.


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