Dating for transvestites


Alex Rodriguez is NOT dating a transgender woman, despite a ridiculous report.Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor, which was started by a webloid that constantly gets stories wrong.The hosts both responded “no” to this question but added that given the prevalence of transphobia in the population (and the associated violence), prior disclosure would probably maximize the safety of the transgender person.This safety concern is particularly acute for straight-identified transgender women of color.“This VERY famous athlete brought along some surprising company while training this spring.



According to the webloid, the New York Yankees star met up with the mystery girl in the Dominican Republic during spring training.Even though the initial blind item never mentions the athlete by name, Media Take Out says the man referred to in the post is Rodriguez. Recently, I was listening to a podcast, and a caller asked the following question of the hosts: Does a transgender person have an ethical or moral obligation to inform a potential sex partner of his or her transgender status before the two people have sexual relations?In this column, I will discuss the different answers I heard as well as the sorts of reasons people gave (along with other reasons that people could have given) to support their responses.

I informally surveyed about nine of my colleagues at Cornell by posing the same question and found the group about evenly split on the answer, though everyone agreed that disclosure would constitute a “best practice” in terms of safety and all-around satisfaction.The conversation that followed was subtle and interesting.


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