Dating ford mustang

She then proceeds to show the men some stunt driving tricks, and soon her tires are literally smoking.


“You might want to shift it again…,” he says patronizingly. I’ll show you what this thing can do.” As she drives along, she asks the men what they like to “do for fun on a weekend.” One nerdy-looking guy loves music festivals, plays drums, bass guitars and also loves writing.

But then he tries to impress the blonde with an impressive list of outdoor activities, such as bike riding, rock climbing and working out. ” “I’m a Ninja,” he repeats shortly, casting a furtive glance at his date.

Another says he likes the theater and tries to convince the blonde that he’s a “really well rounded” guy.

Finally, she drives into an empty parking lot, saying, “I’m just going to go over here to turn around.” But suddenly, she presses down hard on the gas pedal and the car speeds up.

Some of the dates are in awe of the driver's Mustang, while others are slightly condescending. But when the blonde bombshell driver pulls the car into an empty lot, that's when the date is finally kicked into turbo.

The driver expertly speeds and whips the Mustang, with her dates' mouths open in disbelief.


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