Dating g dating women going through divorce

Although the K-pop artiste hasn't spoken about his relationship with the model, here's one reason why he couldn't be dating her.The 20-year-old actress is rumoured to be dating Japanese actor, Masaki Suda.In the middle of Becky’s performance at the i Heart Radio “Move with the Music” kickoff, she couldn’t help sheepishly revealing her new romance to the crowd.“He was in VIP with her family,” an eyewitness told Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.“And during a Q&A, Jojo from KISS FM said her mom wanted him to bring it up. ” Considering how unbelievably sexy Sebastian is, we’re not surprised that he has Becky’s mom’s approval.

Between rock hard abs, a perfect smile, and mesmerizing hazel eyes, it’s hard not to be super jealous of Becky!

Although it’s still unclear how long Becky and Sebastian have been together, a couple of her recent Instagram posts make it pretty clear that the two are really happy.


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