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Singles and couples alike can enjoy this hilarious evening that gives everyone in the audience a chance to win prizes or if your lucky a date with a lucky Bachelor or Bachelorette!

Hosted by Mort Sheboigan & Desiree De Carlo (The Rocket Doll Revue)Come win a chance at love at The White Rabbit Cabaret!

, Steven Strafford’s award-winning one-man show telling the true story of his three years as a sex-addled, crystal meth addict on the streets of Chicago (November 11-12).

- #1 What do you personally like in boy (traits) (if none of these appeal you then pick one closes to your choice)- #2 What do find attractive in a guy?

(Picture is Yandere-Kun)- Yandere-Kun: Favorite Type of guy? - Me: Pick a Setting Yandere-Kun: okay- Yandere-Kun: Favorite tea cup?


Your younger sibling has stolen something of yours, but when you confront them, they say that you can borrow [in- You wake up in a dark room next to a table full of objects, all free to take.

(Papyrus) Dis cute skeleton deserves at least a little kiss ^^- UNDYNE!

Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago has announced titles and dates for its Look Out programming, a wide variety of work coming from a diverse array of voices—artists both emerging and established.

This summer, the series will feature Sounds Like Chicago: A Live Podcast Festival, a three-night live podcast festival featuring the best of local Chicago-made shows (August 15-17), and She’s Folks! Highlights from the fall lineup include Me, My Mom and Sharmila, written and performed by Fawzia Mirza, a hilarious coming-of-age story told by a first-generation American woman of color (September 23-24); Looking for Love, a live dating game show and cabaret in which singles are encouraged to attend (November 5); and Methtacular!

- You failed an exam that 40% your grade what do you do? I'm Zia The Vulcan, or Zia for short, and in this quiz we're finding out what you are the goddess of!

- Some scenarios: Your best friend is pregnant/got someone pregnant and you find out 2 months later, how do you react?


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