Dating georges st pierre

To refresh your memory, here are the biggest clues that hint of St-Pierre’s return.

On August 10th reported that St-Pierre has entered the USADA drug testing pool again.

Who St-Pierre will be fighting at UFC 206 is still unclear, but some rumors have it that his opponent might be Nick Diaz, who recently came off an 18-month suspension.

Evidence of the return of St-Pierre has been appearing slowly but surely over the past few months.

Georges St-Pierre is possibly set to make his return at UFC 206 held December 10th in Toronto.

Insider sources tell us that St-Pierre has reached an agreement with the UFC for “the comeback of the year.” Rumors of St-Pierre’s return have been floating around for a while now, but it seems the date of return has finally been set.


The fight kit immediately sold out, but it still viewable on their website.This release shook up the MMA community as it was basically confirming the comeback of GSP.Entering the USADA pool is a requirement for UFC athletes who want to compete again.Entering the testing pool means that you can get tested at any time of any day for PED’s and other banned substances.

It’s pretty obvious that only people who plan to compete enter the testing pool, as it’s pretty pointless to get tested randomly if you aren’t even planning to compete.

On August 16th this year, Reebok released the Georges St-Pierre fight kit in their store.


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