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I have always been curious about the year of manufacture.I see from this forum that there is no easy way to tell the year of manufacture from the s/n.

I hope this is not an inapproriate request, I realise that everyone is very busy, but this has been one of my favourite accoustics for almost 40 years, and I would like to know a little more about its origin.

no idea where I read this - might be wrong in the details.......

If you tell me a number I can give you a year Sorry got not information on the numbering scheme of current Hagstroms each number has a three digit batch number from 449 (1958-59) up to 999 (1977) and then starting at 001 again, followed by another 3 digits which number the instruments within the batch so 670056 will be the 56th instrument from batch 670 Hi I have an old Hagstrom 6 string H45 or J45 accoustic (not sure which - sorry this is on a bass guitar forum - but its the only one I found where anyone asked a question about s/n and age) that I bought secondhand in 1969 in London, s/n 57563.

Many thanks Glenn White Hi Glenn, This is a guitar forum too!


Unfortunately the Hagstrom book only gives details for electrics - nothing about acoustics at all i'm afraid Try emailing someone at this site - you may get your answer there - I hope so Hey Glenn, Your guitar is H-45 from the second half of 1964.I just bought a vintage Hagstrom Swede, serial # 873164. I don't think the first two numbers represent the year because the vintage Swedes were not assembled after 1983.


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