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Luckily, I’ve discovered the 3 most toxic dating habits that most guys think are normal and the solutions to fix them.

The biggest toxic habit that I see with my clients and other guys working on their dating skills is that they’re over-invested in getting the girl’s phone number. They think it actually means something if they get a girl’s number.

So it didn’t tell me that she was actually attracted to me or that she wanted to go on a date with me.

But when I started focusing on developing a deep, flirty connection with the girls I met and stopped worrying about getting her phone number, everything changed. We’d laugh together, flirt with each other, and dream about getting married and having 4 kids together…you know, normal things.

But guess how many of these numbers turned into dates?

You guessed it — a very, very, small portion of them.

And when I took my focus off “getting her phone number”, I started to treat it differently.


I even remember getting a text back from a girl who gave me her number, and just after one text, she said “Max, you seem like a nice guy. Girls give out their numbers all the time, mainly because most of them don’t want to start conflict in the middle of their day by saying no.

But I’m not interested in talking to you – delete my number and have a nice life.” Ouch. For them, it’s much easier to give you their number and then ignore a text from you later.


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