Dating heinz bottles dating sweden and dating ukraine

Thank-you for your time, Kris Campbell Kris, The bottle is probably a product of Dr. He appears listed from about 1830-1859 in the Philadelphia Directories. You do not mention a pontil on the bottle and the Rose bottles I have seen are Pre-Civil War period.He may have died or sold out to another proprietor who continued making some of the products.Digger I received and email back from the folks at H. Heinz on October 20, 2000 that dated the bottle and told me where it was made; but they did not tell me the value of the bottle.Can you suggest someone that could tell me the value of this particular bottle that is in perfect shape?


Rose's" on one side and "Philad a."(Philadelphia) on the other. Any assistance or information you may have would be very helpful.

My ultimate goal is a date range when such a product may have been produced and sold. He put up dozens of products including a Carminative Balsam, Fluid Extract of Buchu, Hive Syrup, Sarsaparilla, Eye Water and many others.

Sanford's Liver Invigorator shown for sale on your web site.

It is pale aqua with a down-tooled lip and chamfered corners.

Hi Digger: I was digging in Birmingham Alabama and found these two (a coke blob top from Birmingham (a brown Pepsi cola from Birmingham) the bottler here tells me they never made a brown Pepsi here and the coke cola blob top I have been told was rare, can you give me values Thanks Randy Well, the bottler is wrong. I would also say that any blob top marked with the familiar Coca Cola Script is a great bottle.There is listing for a brown (amber) Pepsi from Birmingham, AL. I suggest one of the many price guides available on Coke bottles for a price.


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