Dating honeymoon period over


(Click here to learn how to tell the difference between a deal breaker and a bump in the road). I come into a relationship with my eyes open; maybe it's because of my particular upbringing but I see red flags left and right.And once you move through these, you’re available to genuinely fall in love with the person in front of you.Unfortunately, it’s a very common side-effect of the “honeymoon” phase. A partner can exceed expectations and make you happier then you could ever have imagined but they still won’t match your wish-list version of a partner.If you aren’t one of these people and you somehow manage to stay awake and aware under the influence of eager hormones, you’ll definitely have a different experience. You’re reconciling that person’s way of life with your way of life and since you’re faced with an actual person instead of an illusion, there are bound to be fundamental differences you have to navigate.You’re comfortable being a “control freak” and he’s comfortable being “easy going.” There are useful aspects to both perspectives.Dear Lauren, My boyfriend and I have been dating less than a year.It’s supposed to be the honeymoon period, but I'm already starting to have issues.

I can already foresee we will have many problems and issues in the future with us being so opposite. The honeymoon phase is that time in the beginning of a relationship where you’re so chemically doped up with love and pleasure hormones that the world is a brighter place; food tastes better, every song on the radio is just awesome and everyday is a good hair day.

It can be dangerous, misleading, and hurtful for both you and your victim. Right) This is not to say that you’re doomed to be disappointed.

If you can avoid an FUI, the beginning of a relationship will be a time where you get to know and be known by an entirely unique and surprising person; not someone you make up but rather someone that challenges your version of a perfect mate. It’s a big adjustment and it can be full of frustration and confusion. Once you come to peace with the person in front of you, things only get easier.

You see the differences and they look incompatible at first glance. You either get a clear message that things are compatible or you get a clear message that it’s time to part ways.

He’s a nice gentle guy, but sometimes he can be too easy going, and can't decide what he wants in life.I’m a bit of a control freak, and I freak out whenever he shows his happy-go-lucky side. -Elizabeth Hi Elizabeth I don’t want you to feel bad or that there’s something wrong with you, your partner, or the relationship because you’re not experiencing the honeymoon period exactly the way it’s been sold to you.


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