Dating in barcelona modern dating advice

The bar wasn’t nearly as crowded as we had imagined.

A large Buddha statue meditates outside on the deck overlooking the sea, while guests lie on beds at its base sipping tea, wine, and cocktails and enjoying the same astounding view Catwalk is one of the most popular clubs on the Port for the young and fashionable, as well as a late-night spot for those looking to continue dancing after 3am when clubs like Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC) and Shoko close.

Downstairs in the club’s main area, big-name DJs blast out house and electro beats at bone-shaking Anyone who’s all about partying with the glitterati of Barcelona should make The Sutton Club their first stop.

With a prime beachfront location, a maze-like space, a smattering of big-name DJs, and a liquor license that allows the club to serve and stay open until 6am, it’s no wonder Opium Mar is one of the most talked-about venues in Barcelona.


With amazing weather, world-class sites, gorgeous beaches, and beautiful people; Barcelona really sets itself apart as a great city for singles with a multitude of options available at any given time of day. When me and my friend got some free Barcelona Speed dating tickets from our friends at Date Club last Saturday, we started a heated discussion if we should go or not and ended up saying yes but we seemed to be both excited and ashamed at the same time.


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