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Horns in the times of Moses of the bible were a symbol of authority and power. Kings and holy men were shown sometimes wearing horn-exaggerated crowns in ancient living.

At one stage Moses came with horns from the mountain stating “I am the ram of God.” that was at the beginning of the astrological age of the Ram in ancient times.

These feelings were not wholly based on the fact that the animals provided them with meat, milk, wool.

They believed that their strength was concentrated in their horns.

Psalms 75:5, , 1, , , Zachariah , , Jeremiah and Luke , Job 16;16.

In ancient times people had an emotional esteem for horned animals.

Horns mean power no more any less; horns are emblems of power, dominance, and fierceness as they are the major means of attack and defense by the animals having them.


Fighting for their lives or at mating rams, deer, and oxen butted, stabbed and killed with their horns. Kings bejeweled headdresses with horns as a symbol of strength, supremacy, sovereignty and regal dignity. Alexander the Great was declared divine in the temple of the ram-god Anon, after conquering Egypt.

There are laws concerning horns which consisted of laying hold on them in the altar which was not allowed, which was a punishable offence and possibly by death.

Lamentations 2:3, Deuteronomy , Joshua 6:4-5, 1 Samuel 16:1 and , 1Kings , Exodus 27:2, and 30:2 Leviticus 4 :7-18. Bible verses talking of horns as symbol of power Again with horns as symbol of power: Daniel 8:5, and 8:9, 1 Samuel 2:1 and 2:3.

Cave paintings are a sign of the intensity of ancient hunters’ feeling toward antelopes, rams, buffalos, oxen and so on.

Later, written records affirm these visual ones, the inhabitant and farmer treasured his sheep, goats, cattle and oxen.

From that point he was pictured on coins wearing ram’s horns.


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