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Theories and research pertaining to the biological basis of behavior, human development, perception, emotions, learning, cognition, consciousness, intelligence, motivation, personality, social influences on behavior, mental disorders and psychotherapy are covered.(CAN PSY 2) (*UC Transfer Limit: PSY 100, 100H and 120 combined: maximum credit, one course) PSY 100H: General Psychology, Honors(4) F, S -CSU, UC* Limitation on Enrollment: Acceptance into the Honors Program Survey of psychology as a science.Principles of behavior, maturation, emotions, intelligence, learning, thinking, motivation and personality are some of the many topics covered.This Honors class emphasizes the development of creative application and critical analyses of these behavioral principles.PSY 125: Psychology Of Human Sexuality(4) F, S - CSU, UC* Focuses on major aspects of human sexuality: psychological perspectives, research findings, human sexual response cycles, gender differentiation, sexuality through the life span, and diversity in human sexuality.(*UC Transfer Limit: PSY 100, 100H and 120 combined: maximum credit, one course) PSY 100N: Supplemental Instruction In General Psychology(0.5-1) F, S - CSU Basic concepts of behavior analysis, and application of these principles to various life domains (increasing physical activity, athletic performance, coaching, education, substance-dependence, psychotherapeutic treatment).Single-subject research methods, and social, ethical and professional issues relevant to applied behavior analysis.PSY 106: Positive Psychology(3) F, S - CSU, UC Scientific study of psychological strengths and optimal functioning including (1) positive subjective states, such as happiness, satisfaction, love and contentment; (2) positive individual traits, such as courage, honesty, kindness and wisdom; and (3) positive institutions, such as healthy families, work environments and communities.

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

This survey course serves as a foundation for further studies in psychology.


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