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Although Holly has experience of hosting dating shows, she says she doesn’t have much dating expertise herself.As a teen growing up in Sussex, she explains, she had several long-term relationships rather than lots of dates, and her relationship with Dan got off to a date-free start after they met at work – he produced and she co-presented the 2004-2006 show Ministry Of Mayhem.“Dan and I never really dated because we were really, really good friends and then we got together,” explains Holly.Instead of contestants interviewing potential dates themselves, they’ll interrogate their potential dates’ parents instead.Those who hope to be chosen sit in a soundproof booth and listen to their parents tell all kinds of embarrassing stories that may not show them in the best light.“Sometimes this works really well and sometimes it doesn’t,” says Holly.“The parents may come up with stories that they think are good, but the potential date might be sitting there thinking,‘What are you saying?!“Say the question was, ‘What is the most embarrassing thing they have ever done?


” chuckles Holly, miming the phone ringing from the mortified son or daughter listening in.After the parents have answered a series of questions, the chooser picks a date, and in a First Dates’ type scenario, the newly matched couple immediately head to a restaurant rigged with cameras for a meal, so the audience gets to see how well suited they are.


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