Dating k98 bayonet sheath


It only had one small nick on the blade other then that very good condition.

The only thing that could of been better is it took two weeks to get shipped to me would be my only negative comment. The bayonet I received was in excellent condition for its age.

The Swiss K31 Bayonet has an impressive double-edged blade and is impressive stand alone as a short sword or will look great mounted to your rifle.

Bayonet features a huge 11.75" Double Edge Blade and is 17.5" in Overall Length. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit but that is my fault not Classics.

This highly collectable original K31 Bayonet incorporates that Swiss craftsmanship and is well known as one of the finest made most desirable military bayonets in the world.

These bayonets come complete with their scabbards and are in surplus good condition.


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