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The Connecticut Attorney General offers the following guidelines for anyone thinking of purchasing a used vehicle, especially one not covered by any consumer protection laws: Getting stuck with a lemon isn't fun, especially if the vehicle manufacturer is being difficult and not reimbursing you in full.When this happens, you should look for a lemon law attorney to help you resolve your issue.Basically, the law ensures an arbitration process in the case of an ongoing complaint about a new vehicle that does not conform to the warranty, even with multiple repair attempts.In order to qualify, you must meet the following requirements: If the department rules in your favor, you will be eligible for either a new replacement vehicle, or a refund of the contract price, plus damages and costs, but with a mileage deduction.


Connecticut does not have the same type of binding arbitration process to protect consumers purchasing used vehicles.

Make sure you do your research before committing to a lemon law attorney.

However, the state does require dealers selling used vehicles to provide a warranty under certain conditions: During the warranty period, the dealer is obligated to cover any repairs needed to make the vehicle safe and operationally sound.

If you purchase a vehicle 7 years old or older, and/or for less than ,000, you have no protection from the dealer.

When you become the very first owner of a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, you're likely spending the extra money for a new vehicle because you want something that is good looking and that runs with little or no problems.

But, sometimes, that new car smell is masking a whole world of issues, and your "sure thing" turns out to be a junker. In Connecticut, you have the Lemon Law to protect you.


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