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perhaps there's bickering over silly things here and there.


Hold this thought, I'll be getting to it in a few paragraphs.As I'm sure all of us know, no relationship is perfect.Perhaps one's partner has mood swings that show another side of them... perhaps they unapologetically take up 95% of the bed... but my theory on this one is that no, it has actually caused more people to be single. First, let's look at what the word "single" means. Not married, not in a relationship, not having a "steady".

There is a significant grey area that borders "single" and "taken", especially among millennials, where someone will be "kinda/sorta with someone", to the point that they'll spend time together and basically act like a couple, but if someone (possibly) better comes along, then they're available to pursue that opportunity, essentially feeling no guilt about it, since them and the other person "weren't actually together".

but when you're upset about it, the thought will most certainly cross your mind.


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