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The salt and pepper prawns were a personal highlight, seasoned exquisitely and with a beautiful sauce that left the taste buds craving more.

If the meal hadn’t been so filling then we would have undoubtedly ordered dessert!

After some initial trouble locating the restaurant, Bell’s Diner and Bar Rooms proved to be a charming find right in the centre of Bristol, tucked away in Montpelier.

If you’re looking for a cosy and authentic atmosphere, then look no further!

Winning you over with its old fashion yet original vibe, Bell’s Diner and Bar Rooms offers a menu that doesn’t leave you short of options with food from all over the continent, which was particularly exciting for someone who loves variation during their dining experience.We started with the truffle salami, which came in a generous portion and was a great opener for a lover of meat like myself.Dishes continued to arrive in appropriate timing with the table never free of a neatly presented appetizer, washed down graciously with some wine to cleanse the palate.We were introduced to the 3 dishes and a glass of wine for £15 menu, which is available on Monday evenings (6pm-10pm), Tuesday to Friday lunch (12pm-3pm) and Tuesday to Thursday early evening (6pm-7pm).


The dishes on offer were great value for money, and would be a great lunch date option or even for a work lunch.

It’s safe to say that Bell’s Diner and Bar Rooms will definitely become a regular eating spot, a place to indulge in a variation of flavours with a wonderful and intimate atmosphere that breathes originality.


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